The Doll House S3E8: Let’s Get Physical

PREVIOUSLY ON “The Doll House”: An all-night dancing endurance challenge led to Johnny taking control of the master bedroom for his first time, and after half a week of friendly antics, we used some… quasi-legal methods to up the conflict factor in the house for the second half of social week. Fights broke out everywhere! Drinks were thrown! The hot tub got infected! It was glorious, it was trashy, it was the Doll House! But at the end of the week, Johnny emerged as the most popular member of the Doll House class of Season 3 and kept the key to the master bedroom, while Blort was gently told how much he was hated and shown the door. NOW: A new challenge poses a unique threat to every houseguest. Will Meg finally rise to the top now that her nemesis is gone? Will Harry remain emotionally stable now that his lover is gone? Will everyone else in the house be able to keep from flipping out on an increasingly smaller number of houseguests? Find out tonight, on “The Doll House!”

Title Card S3 Week 4

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The Doll House S3E7: The Real Housewives of the Doll House

PREVIOUSLY ON “The Doll House”: The remaining six houseguests were tasked with getting nice and friendly with each other when it was revealed the next house task was a social one. Desperate to break away from her terrible performance in the previous two challenges, Rafaella immediately started cozying up to everyone, making many, many, many offers for sweet lovin’ to her fellow houseguests. Blort, meanwhile, missed the point of the task and attempted to drive everyone else off in an attempt at strategy. At the same time, I made a joke about Harry not appearing and then he got a lot of publicity because of how much he was appearing. The other three did stuff as well, I’m pretty sure. Oh well. TONIGHT: We see the resolution of the dramatic endurance challenge cliffhanger. Who will win the master bedroom? How will the remainder of friendship week go? And will there be trouble in paradise as fights break out in the house? Confused, you won’t be, after this episode of “The Doll House”!

Title Card S3 Week 3

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The Doll House S3E6: So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way…

PREVIOUSLY ON “The Doll House”: With Shadbak, Rafaella, and Aqua locked in the challenge area, tensions ran high as literally everyone in the house went insane. Rafaella dealt with the drama of being in the bottom for her second time for about 2 seconds, then went back to doing nothing to save herself. Tensions between Meg and Blort continued to grow as both fought to win the master bedroom, but at the eviction ceremony Blort once again proved victorious in his skills, leaving Meg in the dust. Meanwhile Rafaella ended up in the bottom two for her second week in a row, but after a surprise tie led to the dollies voting on who would be evicted, Aqua became the second person to leave the house. Now: with only 6 people left and a new challenge, tensions are running high in the house. Will a new age of friendship don for the houseguests, or will everything go up in flames? Find out right now on “The Doll House”!

Title Card S3 Week 3

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The Doll House S3E5: Everyone Goes a Little Bit Insane

Last time on “The Doll House”: Following Jeff’s eviction, the house was given a new challenge for the week: becoming chess geniuses. Some people immediately took to the challenge, while others once again spent the week screwing around. However, it quickly became clear that this challenge was a race between two people: Blort, whose (alleged) alien genetics gave him an advantage in all mind games, and Meg, who was determined to take the master bedroom away from Blort and for herself. In addition, Blort formed about 20 alliances with a whole slew of houseguests entirely within his own head, and Rafaella started to become ostracized from the rest of the house, largely due to her own paranoia and insanity. At the second mid-week checkup Blort’s mental skills proved superior and he managed to keep hold of the master bedroom, while Shadbak, Aqua, and Rafaella were all locked in the challenge area as punishment for their lack of commitment to the game. Tonight: Will the three girls’ insanity from being locked up lead us faster to the devolution of humanity than reality television already has? Will Meg be able to defeat Blort and win the master bedroom? And who will be the second houseguest evicted? It’s all happening right now on “The Doll House”!

Title Card S3 Week 2

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The Doll House S3E4: Game of Boards

Previously on “The Doll House”: After placing lowest in the gardening challenge, Jeff, Johnny, and Rafaella all experienced 24 hours of life in hell. After lots of peeing, puking, and passing out, the three just barely survived, with a newfound appreciation for the fragile gift of life and a newfound determination to work on the gardening task. Well, at least Johnny did; Rafaella and Jeff, unfazed by the imminent threat of eviction, continued to squander about and do nothing. As the week progressed, the house gained a visitor in the form of a magical, heart-shaped plant that created several interesting new showmances and very nearly took over the house. In the end, dark horse Blort pulled through and managed to win the luxury bedroom, while preppy boy Jeff became the first evictee of the season. Tonight: With a new challenge on the horizon, how will the house prepare? Will Rafaella realize that she is playing a game with competitions, or will she ignore the challenge again and meet her end in the process? And will the Magic Horny Plant take over the house, and shortly, the world? Find out right now on, “The Doll House”!

Title Card S3 Week 2

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The Doll House S3E3: The One Where a Plant Becomes God of the House

PREVIOUSLY ON “The Doll House”: After the painting challenge proved to be an utter failure, the house was given a new task: cutting bonsai. Some people took well to this challenge, while others completely ignored it in favor of doing their own thing. In the meantime every appliance in the house broke down twice, Rafaella established white supremacy amongst beverages with her love of milk, and friendships popped up among people you would never expect to be friends. At the Mid-Week review, Shadbak was rewarded for her bonsai efforts with her own private room, while Johnny, Jeff, and Rafaella were punished for their disinterest in the challenge by being locked in the challenge area for 24 hourse. TONIGHT: Just how comfy is Shadbaks new bed? How did Rafaella, Jeff, and Johnny deal with their 24 hours in hell? And at the first eviction ceremony of the season, who will walk out the door for good? Find out the answer to these questions and a few others you probably didn’t want to know the answer to right now on “The Doll House”!

Title Card S3 Week 1

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The Doll House S3E2: Trimming the Bush

PREVIOUSLY ON “The Doll House”: Eight new Sims moved into the house to begin the battle for one million dollars, among them a raging orc warrior, a man in a hot dog suit, and a blue… thing. Immediately the first challenge was given to them, and they were told to paint their hearts out. However, nobody decided they wanted to paint, and instead decided to just goof off. As the day went on, the houseguests found mutual friends in each other, and a mutual enemy in the gardening-obsessed lady next door. Now: Will the houseguests finally start to paint? (Answer: no) Will two of them find love? (Answer: no) And what will happen when one contestant is rewarded, while three others are punished in the worst way? (Answer: not much. Aren’t you so excited to read this now?) Find out the answer now on “The Doll House”!

Title Card S3 Week 1

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The Doll House S3E1: Eight New Crazies


Hello, and welcome back to “The Doll House”, the most dramatic reality show EVER! We have eight new contestants ready to move into the house and begin the battle for one million dollars, and things are gonna be a bit different this season. Remember the HoH’s, nominations, and large number of houseguests that made the first season so memorable? Well, forget all that, because we’re throwing it out the window! This season, we’re going to have a challenge each week, with the person who does worst in that challenge getting the boot. It should be fun, so let’s get right to it.

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What have I gotten myself into…

Oh wow, I finally did this.

Hello everyone! (or at least the two of you who will actually read this)

I’m gizmosparadise, better known as gizmoman49 over on the Mod the Sims’ message boards and many, many other places. The only thing I actually contributed to MTS was my Big BrotherĀ ripoff homage series called “The Doll House”, made with Sims 3 and later Sims 4. It was a stupid project that I started one lazy summer afternoon, but it slowly grew into something I kept adding to, and I now love it as if it were my own small, deformed child. Unfortunately life is a thing that happens, and I don’t have the chance to update the series nearly as much as I used to, but every few months I’ll have a glorious hour or two of free time and write a few words of the next chapter.

But that all changed a few weeks ago.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

So the way the series worked was that I would upload the photos to my Photobucket account, and then write the posts on Mod the Sims, using embedding the photos from Photobucket into the post.

Well, a few weeks back Photobucket decided that their heads weren’t far enough up their own asses, and plunged deeper by making embedding images on sites other than Photobucket a premium feature.

A premium feature you have to pay $400 a year for.

Now as much as I love “The Doll House”, I am not about to sell drugs or my body so I can keep writing it. Also, I don’t think the MTS mods were 100% happy with me using their site for my own storytelling needs. So I decided to pack my bags and head for the promised land: WordPress!

WordPress lets you upload images, right? Maybe I made this blog for nothing!

Regardless of that, I hope I can make this site into my own little paradise of writing and sharing whatever other rambling thoughts come to my brain. Gizmo’s Paradise, if you will. (Brilliant title, right?)

Right now my purpose is to continue the legacy of the Doll House on here, first by reuploading all the Season 3 posts I’ve made so far and then continuing it. After that, who knows what? Maybe I’ll do a legacy, I’ve always wanted to try out one of those. Or maybe I’ll turn this into a conspiracy blog and post proof that Obama is an alien lizard. Maybe.

Whatever happens next, it’s gonna be exciting, so stay tuned!